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Dear Reader,

Summertime is here - and weekends are full of picnics, celebrations, camping - and for some - getting into the wilderness and testing our survival skills.

When the sun sets - a rugged, portable lantern is a necessity

That is exactly why we redesigned our portable LED Solar Lantern from the ground up. We took all the great features you loved and improved them all. The Solar Panel charges just as fast and you still have the ability to power your USB devices from its internal battery.

But We Added A Brand New Feature To Make It Even More Versatile -

The 9 hour + charge was great - but we wanted to make sure you were getting light all night long - no matter what time of year you were our in the wild.

We added a battery backup to give even more power on your longer trips. 

The handle has been redesigned for easier carrying and hanging - it is more user friendly than any other lantern of its style on the market.

The bright LED bulbs make this the perfect companion for your GoBag, Camp Site, or Home!

The Solar Lantern With Blinding White LED Light

Get The Exclusive 3 Pack

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  • INCREDIBLY BRIGHT: The super bright LED lights illuminate the clear plastic housing for an intense, room filling light
  • 100% SOLAR ENERGY POWERED: Using the renewable energy of the sun, the built in solar panel soaks up the sun's solar energy to give you 9+ hours of long lasting light - But Just in Case - You have a battery backup for an additional 12 hours of light!
  • EXTREMELY COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: Incredibly this Solar Outdoor Lantern with built in LED lights and solar panel only weighs 1lb
  • MADE FOR EMERGENCIES: With an extreme penetrating light & hidden flashlight the Solar Outdoor Lantern is a dependable emergency light
  • USB POWER OUTLET: To charge your phone and other accessories when the power goes out or you are away from an outlet

And for this 2 Day Release, you can get The New and Improved Survivalist Solar Lantern 3 Pack - SHIPPED FREE

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You Also Get An Iron Clad No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here's How It Works: When you order your LED Solar Lantern 3 Pack, take them out and really put them to use. If you find that you are not completely satisfied - just send it back, and I will personally guarantee that you will get a complete refund of the purchase price. That is my guarantee to you - no hassles, no forms, no problems at all. Just your 100% Satisfaction.

How can I afford to be so generous? Easy - since our founding, we've found that giving folks like yourself the highest quality products in the world will only make you want to come back time and time again.

It’s all waiting here for you. No risk. Every penny back, promptly, if you’re not happy, no need to explain no questions asked. And…

The Steel River LED Solar Lanterns are manufactured with such craftsmanship and care that they comes with an IRON CLAD guarantee -

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This Offer Good for USA Domestic Shipping Addresses Only

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Andrea Sullivan


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This Offer Good for USA Domestic Shipping Addresses Only