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The Stainless Steel Carabiners You Can Use For All Your Daily Needs!

2 Utility Stainless Steel Carabiners

Dear Reader,

Hang on tight (you see what I did there)...

These carabiners are incredibly strong and built to be the utility that you cannot leave the house without.

Many people I know have cheap little carabiners holding their keys onto their belt loop (which is kind of odd really, but hey, who am I to judge. Maybe I am missing out).

But I have found that having several heavy duty, locking carabiners have been some of the most impressive EDC Tools that I have ever kept with me.

Whether in the car, in my Go Bag, or in the garage, these carabiners are the anchors of my EDC Kit - both literally and figuratively.

Think about it - you're out in the wild and you need to tie something up, or you need quick access to your camera or water bottle, but don't have room or want to keep them readily available to you - the carabiner is the solution. Whether just 1 or several - a few good carabiners makes your backpack larger and more versatile than anything you can get right off the shelf.

Take a look below and see exactly what I mean...

2x Powder Coated Stainless Steel  Locking Carabiners

Steel River Carabiner

  • Large D-Shape for easy opening, managing several ropes 
  • Screw-Lock Gate Mechanism prevents accidental opening and keeps mouth securely locked in place.
  • Gate Opening Clearance is a wide 27 mm.
  • This Steel Carabiner was designed to last under the most extreme situations. Whether camping, climbing, or hiking - this little guy was designed to be mighty and durable.

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This Offer Good for USA Domestic Shipping Addresses Only